"we are the space we have heard of" cards


A pack of 17 cards held together with a belly band. (An artist book of sorts.) 16 of these cards are double-sided. On the front of the cards is imagery from the painting "excuse me miss;" on the back of the cards is text written as if it were expressions from the depicted imagery of "excuse me miss." The text is affirmations, thoughts, notes from an imagined viewpoint of the cosmos, cats, potted and wild plants, a typewriter, a fireplace, a mountain, ourselves as humans, etc. All together, and in parts, the text creates a poem. (To read the whole thing, puzzle together the image, flip the whole thing over--full row by full row--and see how it reads.) This thing is about intelligence, communication, entanglements from and between different kinds of entities and spaces.

Printed locally by Reproductions Inc. in Tucson. Printed on postcard stock. (So this isn't that fancy super high res printing with fancy inks and fancy paper you get with the giclee prints. These cards are more casual. Meant to be handled. They're pretty cool.)

Each card measures approximately 3 5/8" x 5 1/2". You can keep all the cards or give them away as notecards or mail them out as postcards! With such fine possibilities the mind boggles.