(Note: purchasing this product does not guarantee a commission. After reading the following text, email me at hi@clairetaylor.art to inquire about a commission.)

Are you hoping to commission something that doesn't fall into the quick and experimental COMMISSION A STUDY of a Creature of Affection category? URL of what I'm referring to: www.clairetaylor.art/product/commission-a-study

Commissions which aren't just a small study and/or require usage rights need to be considered on a case by case basis. It will be based on my availability, and whether I feel like it's something I can and/or want to produce. Below are a few things to consider:

DEPICTIONS? Who/what do you want depicted? (If depicting specific people and/or creatures, I'll need you to provide good reference photos.)

STORIES? Any stories, symbolism, inspiration you'd like to inform this piece? Such as: an illustration for a poem or a song, or a story about how you met your partner, or a story about how your children were born, etc.

STYLE? Any styles from my past work which you feel drawn to for this commission?

DIMENSIONS? Do you have a specific size in mind?

USAGE RIGHTS? Do you need any usage rights? Such as: will this be a book illustration, or logo, or album art, or something you plan to reproduce in any manner?

OTHER? Any other specifics you can provide?


All of the above, and further info you can provide, will inform the quoted price for a commission. Email me at hi@clairetaylor.art to inquire about a commission.