COMMISSION A STUDY of a Creature of your Affection

$250.00 - $350.00 / Sold Out

WHAT? I will perform a study of the creature of your choosing—a cat, a dog, a bird, or a snail you met on the street, a lizard who talked to you, your cousin or niece, maybe your pal Al, or your YOU. The study can be of human animals and/or non-human animals!

HOW? You provide me reference photos within 48 hours of placing your order. I provide you a completed study. Beyond your reference photos, I will take full creative control. So you can just sit back and relax and imagine the possibilities.

BUT CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME SPECIFICS? You will receive a small original unframed painting on paper: a loose study based on the photos you provide. The size of the finished piece will be up to me, but will likely be between 6”x4” and 12”x9”—something you can hold in your hands. How nice! The media of the study will be watercolor and/or gouache and/or pencil and/or linocut on paper.

I’M IN. WHEN? You can expect to receive your study in 2-8 weeks after I receive your reference photos. If you have a deadline (like is this a birthday present?) then send me an email to make sure I can complete it in time.

OK. WHAT DO I DO? After placing your order, email your references photos to [email protected] within 48 hours of placing your order. Email as many reference photos as you like—the more the better—but send all photos in one single email (or one Google Drive folder). Please see photo tips below.

PHOTO TIPS? The best reference photos tend to be taken near the eye level of the creature featured, and are well lit. Bonus points for photos which include the whole body. Star points for running pics taken in profile. Jumping pics are sometimes fun, too. Pics that show the intelligence of the Creature Featured are excellent. Shucks, just options are good.

THE FINE PRINT! The low price point of this commissioned study, which was set to be affordable, necessitates that I take full creative control, and that we don't dally with discussion or stories or multiple emails. Rather I'll just jump in and we both get to see what emerges—like a toy vending machine, but obviously so much better. It may be loose, it may be tight, it may be based in reality, it may be based in imagination (but imagination inspired by your provided photos). Please only send photos, please don't send videos. Copyright of the final image will remain with me, and I reserve the right to make any reproductions of the image. I ask that you do not make reproductions of the image. Though sharing photos on social media and tagging me is more than welcome and appreciated!

I look forward to meeting the creature(s) of your affection!



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P. P. S. FRAMING? If you want to get your COMMISSIONED STUDY framed, I am happy to provide recommendations of frame shops.

P. P. P. S. CAN I TIP? Tips are welcome (but not expected) following the completion of your study. If you would like to tip, send it via Venmo to @Claire-Taylor-Art (last four digit of my cell are 1251). If you send a tip, please write "OH MY EYES" in the subject line.

P. P. P. S. SOMETHING ELSE? If you are looking for a commission which involves more of your input and/or you require usage rights, I do those, too! But on a case-by-case basis. Email me at [email protected] to inquire. You can read details on my traditional commissions at this URL: www.clairetaylor.art/product/traditional-commission